My Professional Mission is to help my clients fulfill their Life's Missions.

Our missions may change over time, but most of our missions have a financial component which requires proper planning and guidance to succeed.  

To fulfill my Professional Mission, I act to:

ENLIGHTEN - Helping people understand their Life's Missions, leading to understanding the why as well as the what of their financial goals, desires, and fears;

ENABLE - Solving problems and removing barriers that prevent people from achieving their Life's Missions;

ENRICH - The purpose of wealth is to serve as a tool to help people achieve their Life's Missions.  Wealth, like any tool, is most valuable when put to the use for which it was created.  It isn't just the number of tools, but their skillful use, that determines success.  


                                                             Mark DiGiovanni, CFP®

                                                                                                    Pres., Marathon Financial Strategies